who we are

Our main goal is to help free up your time. This will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business and give you a peace of mind that your products are on their way to where they need to be.  We take pride in our ability to focus on helping each of our clients quickly without them feeling like they are forgotten. No more waiting 3-5 business days for other companies to finally make it to your inventory and then another 24-48 hours to have it sent. Allow us to make your company a priority and watch your business grow!

Quick Prep & Ship will consistently keep you in the loop on how your shipments are coming along. We respond quickly to our business email for when you have questions and will send emails updating you on orders that have been packed and shipped.

 We have been involved with Amazon for 3 years and have learned their online system and guidelines backwards and forwards, but we also know their guidelines change fairly often. That is why we are constantly training up on the newest requirements for Amazon FBA Shipments so you can trust that we know how to prep and ship your various products.  

​​Quick Prep & Ship has the ability to help your company move on auto-pilot. Send us your pallets or online inventory directly to our facility and allow us to take the workload from you and run with it. 

Our names are Jared and Cherene Williamson. We are located just east of Houston in Vidor, Texas.  We have been involved with prepping and shipping FBA Inventory since 2012 when we began as FBA sellers. We sold with Amazon for about a year and saw success with it, but after that decided to focus more on the prep and shipping side of Amazon.

We began to realize that there were actually a good number of people selling on Amazon who find the prepping and shipping part of their business tedious, time consuming, and would much rather have this part of their business taken out of their hands.(Hard to Imagine, right?) This is one area we had excelled at with our business and quickly were able to find people who wanted help making sure that they were following Amazon's ever changing guidelines for prepping and shipping FBA Inventory.

We no longer have our sellers account with Amazon. We wanted to be able to focus on those who are looking to simplify their business by gaining valuable time that can be placed towards a number of other things that can help get their business to new heights.  

Why not work with someone who knows and understands what Amazon looks for from it's sellers when it comes to handling Inventory and getting it FBA ready?

our Goal