Why can’t we add more than 60 items to a shipment?

Sticking to 60 items per shipment will reduce risk of making any mistakes and will enable us to run as efficiently as possible. Also, your products will be able to be moved at a faster pace.

Why do you need access to my account?

By allowing us to directly put the box dimensions and weight, it will save you time that you can place elsewhere to help your business grow.  It will also allow us to finish your shipments quicker and will save a lot of time by not emailing box dimensions, weight, printing labels, etc. back and forth. Let us take this off your hands. 

Do you accept pallets?

No. At this time we only handle OA (Online Arbitrage). 

What happens if you receive an online item in damaged condition to your warehouse facility?

-We will always take a picture of the product and barcode and email it to you showing what has been damaged.
-We will then ask for the damaged item to be removed from the shipment it is in so the rest of the shipment can proceed.
-To avoid taking up space in the warehouse, if you are still wanting to keep the damaged item a return printing label will need to be sent to us within 3 business days or damaged item will be thrown away. One follow up email will be sent to let you know the damaged item will soon be thrown out.

How do you handle returns from Amazon?

-If an item is sent back from Amazon and it’s damaged, we will be discarding it.
-If a product is sent back and it looks to be in good shape, we will send a picture of the product and barcode to you and see if you want it sent back in.
-If you want to send the product back in, you will need to re-add it to a shipment, and we will charge it as if it were any other new item. 

What form of payment is acceptable?

We accept bank transfers or credit cards via PayPal. Invoices will be promptly sent on friday at the completion of each work week.

Do you do retail arbitrage?

We only work with online arbitrage at this time.