Please Note:  We do not accept items from liquidation lots. These items are often poor quality and not worth it for either you or us. 

Please Note: At this time we only work with ONLINE ARBITRAGE.

​​​​​​*All prep is included in price except for boxes used and bubble wrap and will vary according to amazon guidelines.

Prep includes: receiving/inspecting items, sticker removal, poly bagging, glass handling, labeling, suffocation warning labeling, damage handling, and placing stickers on packages per amazons request.


  • $1 for individual items
  • ​$0.25 for Bubblewrap 
  • $1.50 for over-sized items (Anything over 18 inches)
  • $1.50 per multi pack/bundle (up to 6 items in a bundle)
  • $2.50 per multi pack/bundle (Over 6 items in a bundle)​​


We will do our best to reuse boxes. You will only be charged for new boxes used. 

Small-16x12x12   ($1.50)

Medium - 18x18x16    ($2.00)

Large- 18x18x24   (2.50)

Jumbo-  24x24x24   ($5.00)